About us

About us


Founded by GLOBAL WOMEN ADVOCATE, author and influencer Nezha Alaoui with 1.8M, WOMEN CHOICE is an international organization that focuses on empowering women and supporting their professional growth.

WOMEN CHOICE ORGANIZES series of empowering events in several cities around the world:
NY, DC, Miami, Atlanta, LA, Dubai, Doha, Riyadh, Casablanca, Paris, Istanbul, Rome…

At Mayshad, we celebrate diversity, creativity and career ambition.

Our motto is, “Be who you want to be.”  Choose it; build it.
The choice is yours; we are here to empower your growth process.

As highly motivated and accomplished women, we are united in our desire to accelerate our goals to nurture our financial independence and authentically champion other women —  while staying faithful to our own personal values and moral compass.

Why don’t you join us, to do it together?

Mayshad Choice produces, moderates and activates a series of rendez vous for smart, generous women to connect, share and support each other in a trusted ecosystem that constantly invests in developing more opportunities for us.

We created an ecosystem that offers meaningful digital interactions to real-life women in business, connecting them to sustainable opportunities with corporations, brands and institutions

With our team we truly care about creating everyday opportunities for women to connect, learn, inspire and grow.

Power-based in NYC and Miami, Women CHOICE is uniquely positioned to offer female executives and founders inspiring content, networking events, learning opportunities, trustworthy relationships and a connection to other influential women leaders around the world

Women Choice

Empowering women and diversifying the world of business leaders through leadership workshop trainings and other events.

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