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Women Choice is a New York based company that empowers women on a daily basis. We produce and moderate a series of "rendezvous" workshops and events for smart and generous ambitious women to connect, share and support each other. Paired with our women’s networking platform, we offer a trusted ecosystem to our members with continuous personal and professional development opportunities.

What Women Are Saying
Dr. Risa Ryger

“Purpose and passion are great and necessary. But that’s not enough. That’s why I invested in Mayshad… In this inclusive and welcoming environment, there is room for everyone to grow and thrive.”

Dr. Risa Ryger

Clinical Psychologist & Founder, 93% Consulting
Paula Jennings

“Mayshad has provided a safe haven for diving into what matters most. Its about women creating the changes we want to see in the world—starting with ourselves.”

Paula Jennings

CEO, Anam Evolution
Sue Matthews

“Whether I am joining an event digitally or in person I have met extraordinary woman who I have connected with and who have given me clarity about new and unique ideas. They are a fabulous group that has empowered me to break through the invisible glass ceiling.”

Sue Matthews

President of the Taylor Matthews foundation, Author
Pamela Teagarden, MAPP

“Mayshad is not the traditional *women’s group*… they understand that connection is more than simply networking. Innovative and engaging programs open women up to the power of feminine leadership, personally and collectively… – it’s a golden opportunity.”

Pamela Teagarden, MAPP

Founder, Authentum
Lynne Dominick

“Never before has connection to community been so important. Being a part of Mayshad, allows me to be a member of an extraordinary global sisterhood, one that celebrates our uniqueness, promotes one another’s skills and is steadfast in the commitment to empower women and girls around the world who seek opportunities for a better life.”

Lynne Dominick

Use, Founder, CEO Body Soul Beauty
Glendy Yeung

“Mayshad created the foundation for genuine connections whether it is for business collaborations or recalibrating everyday experiences in this fast-moving world.”

Glendy Yeung

Certified Sound Practitioner | Multidisciplinary Energy Coach | Vibrational Wellness Educator

you belong to.

  • Women Choice is more than a networking community.
  • Our membership spans the personal and professional development spectrum.
  • Women Choice is wherever you are, and here for you every day.

Discover our offerings, including our commitment to safety, diversity, and inclusion.

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Choice Experts

Fran Hauser
Bestselling Author, Startup Investor and Champion of Women
Risa Ryger
Psychologist & Founder, 93% Consulting
Michele Risa
CEO & Founder, Collaborative Solutions
Ariane de Bonvoisin
Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur
Adrienne A. Wallace
Former CMO, Global Advertising Strategy & Advanced Tech, Facebook
Alechia Reese
Principal, 360 Gateway Brands
Paula Jennings
Founder of Anam Evolution


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Women Choice

Empowering women and diversifying the world of business leaders through leadership workshop trainings and other events.

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