Michelle Florez

Born in Bogota, Colombia. Latina and proud. I grew up in Colombia and lived in Texas most of my adult life. Austin, TX is my current home. This city is a hub for innovation and creativity, we are building new earth in the heart of TX.

Graduated as an Industrial Engineer, worked as a Supply Chain Management consultant for 5 years. I did the whole travel every week thing and burned out. I know what it feels like to be out of the flow and uninspired by the work that you do. - just to pay the bills. Throughout this career, I used mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation to recover and center from burnout culture.

My coaching practise

In my coaching practice, I incorporate all the tools that I have gathered throughout my journey to fully step into my soul mission. My most powerful tool is conscious breathing. This practice supported me in recovering from trauma, it has provided a safe space for my body to experience my full range of emotions and has become a potent tool to manifest the life I once envisioned.

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I invite leaders into a 12-week container where we will navigate through outdated mindsets, stagnant emotional imprints and body sensations that are keeping you from fully experiencing your wholeness in the now. My goal is to prepare you to be a soul-centered leader that will ripple out into the world the joy and kindness that you experience within yourself.


Breathing is the most fundamental human function, it is the doorway to altering our physiology, our brain chemistry and our emotional state. In every coaching session we will use conscious breathing to tap into alpha brain wave state and create change from a place of creativity and flow. After our 12-weeks together you will walk away with a life-long practice that will transform the way you lead.


Mindfulness meets technology. We will use the power of modern technology (HRV Biofeedback) to elevate awareness of what influences your human performance, through daily metrics and accountability you will have full visibility of the shift you are creating and data as a monitoring system to track progress towards living in balance.


“It has been the best coaching experience of my entire life. I want Michelle to celebrate my victories, empowering me, and learning about the dark parts of my psyche...Boy, could I have her forever!”

Crypto Coach | Community Leader

“Working with Michelle has been a life-changing experience! She has taught me a lot about breathing, being in the present moment, removing blocks, and pursuing my soul mission. The breathing techniques that she has taught me have helped me so much!! She has been encouraging and motivating me to reach my goal to become a full-time freelancer. “

Web developer | Entrepreneur