Embracing Peri-Menopause: Making it the Best Time of Your Life!

Join us for an informative workshop on peri-menopause, a transition that every women will go through.

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The peri-menopause workshop is about raising awareness of this transition that every women will go through. How to recognise the symptoms and how to make simple workplace adjustments.

This is not a taboo subject any longer. Menopause is a time to re calibrate, to step forward and take steps to make this the best time of your life. ‘


Laura Shuckburgh is a certified NLP practitioner and Life Coach….. she helps women in midlife and peri- menopause to live their greatest lives through the power of coaching. Believing passionately that living a life aligned with our core values is the way to true happiness.

She is 51 and has had a varied life travelling all over the world with her career as a model in her twenties. Re training as a beauty and massage therapist while bringing up her son in her thirties, and more recently worked in the construction industry as a business development manager and coach within a busy Architecture practice.

She started Marvellous Midlife to help support women in midlife and those going through the minefield of peri-menopause after her own experience 3 years ago.

She is a proud mother to a 20-year-old son and loves being outdoors in nature and exploring new places.

Currently travelling around France with her dog after leaving her marriage in lockdown last year.



Jun 24 2021


9:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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