The Conditioning of the Female Role in Society & How to Break Free From it

Join us for an empowering workshop on how we take back our femininity and use it as a powerful tool!

About this event


We, women, have learned to play a certain role in our society and now with the new era, femininity isn’t the devil anymore. It’s a powerful tool that we need to take back.

This workshop is spiritual, is mutable, is playful. We will discuss 3 of the classic conditioning role that a woman learn, we will ask ourselves question about if those are still true to us. How to shake them off our minds, so we can access a thriving life. Why spirituality is important to us women, and why we should let ourselves be playful, to be mutable when we want to create our most thriving life.


Danika Thériault, is an Algonquin Native American. From the traumas and abuses that she experienced, she has been designed by the Universe to become a Life coach.

In order to retake her own power, her femininity, to heal, to feel safe, valuable and loved she needed to learn who she was, who was her true authentic self. This quest lead her towards cognitive psychology, behaviourism, and affective science which she is truly passionate about and self-educated since 2012. She is practising the healing magic of the earth as well. The healing journey was hard, and she felt alone, wanted to be truly happy and good in her own skin. Since forever, she wanted to help others be happy and loved which is why she choose this path to be a light in the world and share that YES it is possible to be yourself, your authentic self and be happy in this modern world!

The pandemic and motherhood push her to start her coaching business – because if not now, when?- She is beyond grateful and happy for this opportunity to be here with you all and share her gifts with you.


Jul 21 2021


Eastern Time
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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