Sandi Saksena

Multiple International awardee for Women Empowerment, Leadership and Entrepreneurship.
Sandi Saksena is a Queen, Femtor, Facilitator, Speaker, and personal finance influencer.

As sales manager she leads her own team At Nexus Insurance Brokers.
Sandi heads the ‘Family Matters’ division at Echelon Advisors and Management Consultants her family firm
and dedicates her energies to empowerment of women through financial independence.

A well - known personality in the media for her contributions on personal financial matters and leadership she is regularly featured in various international publications and international platforms as a speaker/host/moderator

Sandi's life challenges and achievements are documented in the recent publication
Tough Roads CREATES Tough People Volume 2 By Anita Dukworth-Bradshaw, available on Amazon.