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It’s time to reimagine success.


Sharpen your social media, marketing and communication skills to stand out from the crowd.


Amplify your voice and make your content reach a larger audience of potential customers.


Establish a trusted network of talented peers that will become your support team.

Elaborate your success plan with Nezha Alaoui

You were born to empower others. You have in you the gift to coach women into building a better life and have developed enough skills for you to succeed your mission. Now is the time to take the next step in your career. You will develop a personal action plan with Nezha designed to accelerate your growth as an expert and leader in your field.
Nezha will share with you the secrets to efficient communication and branding and give you advice and guidance on how to adapt these to your business, in order to sharpen your communication and drive results.

Boost your audience

You will boost your online presence with our newsletter and social media audience. We will produce and publish quotes and interviews from you across our social media platforms. Your progress will be tracked through quarterly braintrust meetings to analyze your results and adapt your strategy to the new market trends.

Become a premium Expert

As a CHOICE Expert you will obtain premium positioning in our community and unlock access to our VIP circle of global influential women. You will be invited once a month to present your workshop to our community of professional women who seek advice and coaching. Join WOMEN CHOICE today and reimagine success for yourself and your business.

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It’s time to transform your smart, bright and ambitious self into a successful career and business woman. It’s time to define your goals, identify your full potential and make you sharper in your business and career approach.