Personal Brand – How to find your true self through it and start managing it

Join us for a masterclass that will teach you how to find yourself through a Personal Brand and start developing it

About this event

Through this masterclass you will find out:

1. What Personal Brand is. Management base.

2. What issues are solved by having a strong Personal Brand.

3. What mistakes can and should be avoided. Stereotypical thinking.

4. Personal Audit. How to understand in which direction you need to start developing your Personal Brand.


Elena is a visionary and goal oriented specialist in PR and Communication. She delivers results to CEOs, business professionals and entrepreneurs by strategically building their authority, monetizing their expertise, amplifying their message and impact others by transforming their personal brands.

As individuals, we exist in two dimensions, in two unrelated hypostases: “what we seem to be” and “who we really are.” What we seem to be: the personality that we project into the outside world, how we appear in the eyes of others; Who we really are: how we feel ourselves, our inner essence.

A personal brand is much more than a promotion tool. Taking a deeper look, a personal brand is about a harmony between these two dimensions. Only in harmony is it possible to obtain excellent results.



Oct 13 2021


9:00 AM

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