Join us for a workshop to help you tackle the nitty gritty moments of life with your family, and still be able to look after each other!

About this event

In this workshop you will:
– Discover the telltale signs you are slipping that come out physically
– Arm yourself with tools to take care of your mental wellbeing
– How to support yourself and your family with simple steps to take when you’re all feeling frustrated
– Learn which organisations you can contact in an emergency
– Take part in a visualisation exercise that you can take away with you and do again and again.
– Leave feeling fresh as a daisy and ready to go again.


Hannah is a qualified mental health instructor, who has been there and genuinely cares – this means that after training with her you will have recognised Ofqual regulated mental health awareness and first aid for mental health courses and leave any course with actual life skills you can apply from the minute you finish, and not just another textbook to gather dust on a shelf.

Having been brought up around alcoholism and domestic abuse/domestic violence and lived around mental ill-health, she previously struggled with her own mental wellbeing at times as a result. As a teenager, the adults around her were ill-equipped to help either themselves or her– and she now provides recognised education and training around mental health and emotional wellbeing to prevent that cycle from continuing. When people can support themselves and reach out to others – it makes a difference.



Oct 07 2021


9:00 AM

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